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The Artist
Ever since I can remember, I was lured to drawing. I’ve always been a creative person and was constantly drawing, coloring, or experimenting with something in an artsy kind of way. At the age of six, I can vividly remember my mom saying, “It’s time for you to learn how to oil paint”. With that, she sat me down and began to teach me how to paint. It came easily to me; after all, it was only an extension of drawing, which is something I was good at. The subjects were the same: contrast, colors, forms, and perspectives were all the same. Only the medium was different, and, once I mastered that, my story was ready to be told. I loved it.
As I aged, my life’s path took me on a quite different course. I studied and practiced engineering throughout my entire adult life. The self-discipline and focus required has conditioned me to think on the other side of my brain. To be a good engineer creative freedom has to be completely stripped away. A line is straight or it is not; it is not debatable; aesthetics is not a consideration. It wasn’t until my older years that I’ve begun to set aside my methodical compulsions and reclaim my artistic talents. However, my regimented past continuously spurs an incessant battle between self-discipline and artistic freedom; a battle I had to overcome to master my artistry. This I find can be seen through my use of hard lines and color to describe edges. I struggle to depict soft flowing boundaries, but find my results to be quite different, unique, and dramatic. My ordered, indoctrinated past definitely affects the way I compose, think, and experience each piece created and the outcome is what you see before you today. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.
Art is something I have always been a part of, and it has always allowed me to be a part of it. It has taken me on a journey full of excitement, intrigue, and wonderment, showing me eternal fulfillment. It has comforted me during trying times. It has allowed me to speak to souls of the dead, lives of the unwanted, and sprits of the living. It truly completes me.
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