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A good artist is constantly experimenting with different techniques and materials.  No one wants to see the same old piece regurgitated over and over. We don’t eat the same kibble every day. Why create the same art piece? But, going out on a limb has its challenges. Many times the results are far from what was conceptually visualized and fail miserably. But, on occasion the stars align, and the end result is stunning and grandiose. Don’t miss out on the stunning and grandiose. For a turtle to move forward it must stick its head out of its shell. Stick your head out an experiment away. Be a good artist.
View art as you would a beautiful woman. Admire her from afar; notice the curves of her face, the lines of her body, her mannerisms, and the way she moves. Then walk up to her and ask her name. Art should be viewed in the same light; experience the piece, then experience the artist. Who was that artist?